Weight Loss Shots in Stomach: Do Weight Loss Injections Work?

weight loss injectionSomeone asked me recently about weight loss shots in the stomach… and so I’ve decided to write up a post about these shots that you can get to lose weight.

Weight loss injections are two types: vitamin B shots, and HCG shots.


Vitamin B shots for weight loss:

Vitamin B shots are injected into a fatty part of your body, such as your stomach or your buttocks. The vitamin B increases your metabolism and makes you feel more energetic, which in turn helps you to move around a lot more and burn more calories. Hence, ultimately leading to weight loss.

Now, I have heard of the benefits of vitamin B before. I’ve even had vitamin B drinks on a regular basis at one point. These days I take a multivitamin each day to ensure I’m getting enough of all my vitamins, including vitamin B.
So, I am convinced that vitamin B will make you more energetic and help you to burn more calories… should you choose to use that energy to work out!

Also, on the various weight loss forums I can see people singing the praises of vitamin B shots. They say it’s helped them lose weight when they combined it with exercising.

The Mayo clinic says that excess vitamin B may interfere with some medical treatments but vitamin B is generally harmless.

So, I don’t recommend getting vitamin B shots. Why not just take a tablet? Also, it’s not a miracle injection.


HCG Shots for Weight Loss

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women that helps them to metabolize their food. I’ve heard of hcg on various weight loss blogs that I read… so yes, I have researched this a bit.

It apparently improves your metabolism and helps you lose fat fast. You have to go on an hcg course for about 23 days or so… and again, the injections are either in your stomach or your buttocks. There is also the option to get under the tongue drops.

So far, I’ve read mostly good things about this hcg weight loss shot. But it is definitely not something I recommend. Pleasse do not try to go for shortcuts! You never know what side effects they will have. These things are not tried and tested. They may not even work for you and they will just waste your money. Please, please, don’t do it – it’s just not worth the risk.

I know that sometimes losing weight seems like the most important thing, but it is really not. The most important thing is to stay healthy. Think of your loved ones: your goal is to stay healthy for them. Don’t do anything risky.


In conclusion – weight loss shots in your stomach are not something you should get!


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