Rapid Weight Loss Diets: 9 Tips To Help Losing Weight

rapid weight loss dietsSo you’ve decided to lose weight, great! Rapid weight loss diets can be a great way to get started. Here are 9 tips to help you learn how to lose weight fast.

(note: if you don’t want to read all the tips, you can just skip to my story where I talk about the rapid weight loss diets that worked for me. Or you can skip to the “best weight loss diets” page on top if you want. Tips continue below :) )


1. Rapid Weight Loss Diet Prelude: Be In It For The Long Haul

The best way to lose fat fast is to be in it for the long term. I know it sounds contradictory, but it’s true.

When you go in with a short term mentality, you’re more likely to give up within a day or two, and overeat and put it all back on! Whereas if you know you’re in it for the long haul, you make accommodations and plans that help you stick to your weight loss goals.

A long-term mindset means knowing that you’ll be sticking to a diet, you’ll be eating healthy and doing certain things, and you’ll still allow yourself yummy treats so that you don’t feel deprived!


2. Prelude #2: Start Eating Healthy Foods

Here’s the thing – I love chips and chocolate cake and icecream and cookies as much as the next person. Probably more, infact.

lose weight tipsUnhealthy foods taste so good because they’re loaded with sugar and salt and oil and fats. Yes, most of the time you’ll have all four in place at the same time.

Healthy foods don’t taste as good. I’m talking about your basic, non-gourmet stuff. I’d pick chips over peanuts anyday, if they were both the same kind of healthy.

But you know what? We make choices. And right now this is you choosing to be healthy and live longer and lose some weight and get fitter.

So. Here’s what you need to do: develop a taste for the healthy stuff.

Giving up unhealthy stuff will help you do that. Once you stop eating the unhealthy stuff you’ll have a few cravings but you’ll soon get over it and pretty soon you’ll have forgotten what it tastes like. You’ll realise that peanuts are salty and can satisfy a salt craving while being healthy and lower-calorie than a bag of chips. Same goes for other healthy weight loss snacks like dried fruits and yoghurt.

After a few days of eating healthy foods, you’ll realise that healthy foods actually taste pretty good. A piece of roast chicken is much yummier than a chicken burger that has very little actual chicken it. A square of dark chocolate is much more fulfilling than big slab of chocolate cake. And suddenly, eating healthy foods will be something you love doing.

Yes, you’ll still get cravings once in a while. The trick is to postpone them till your cheat day


3. Rapid Weight Loss Diets Include a Cheat Day

Yes, you want to lose weight fast and you’re serious about it! That means you watch what you eat, you’re careful about your calories and you don’t eat random unhealthy foods. But you still like cake, right? Don’t deny it – I know you’re smiling!

The solution is a cheat day. Yes, go on and pig out. If you’re like me, you’ll be feeling a bit sick the next day and will be thrilled to get through the week without eating any of that unhealthy stuff again! Three months ago I had a massive burger and fries (and a heap of other food) on my cheat day, and got quite sick the next day – till date I can’t imagine ever wanting a fast food burger again. Of course, I usually have a piece of cheesecake first thing on my cheat day and I don’t see that changing….

The benefits of a cheat-day are two-fold.

First of all, you get to indulge yourself. During the week, when you crave something, you’re better able to stick to your healthy weight loss diet because you know that there’s a cheat day coming up soon, and you can eat whatever you want. So the first benefit is motivational.

Second of all, a cheat day is actually a quite a scientific way to lose weight. Cheat days when you overeat raises your leptin levels, which increases your fat burning. Your body gets the message that you’re not starving, you’re actually getting way too much nutrition. Cheat days prevent your body getting into starvation mode – starvation mode means that your body thinks you’re starving and lowers its metabolism. Ever see an overweight person who eats like a bird and still can’t lose weight? Well, that might be because their body is in starvation mode and preserving every little bit of energy.


4. Do Some Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can really speed up your weight loss and is the best rapid weight loss diet just in terms of sheer speed of weight loss. I followed the Eat Stop Eat method of dieting to lose weight, and you can read my review of that here. Basically, I didn’t eat after dinner one till before dinner the next. So one day I skipped breakfast and lunch. But those two meals skipped helped me to create a massive caloric deficit, which means I burned fat faster. During the fast you can have drinks that don’t contain calories, such as water and black coffee.

Remember, intermittent fasting won’t working if you just pig out after your fast! You’ll also have to eat healthy on “Regular” non-fasting days too.


5. Create a Healthy Weight Loss Diet That’s Right For You

Eating healthy, and eating fewer calories, is the way to lose weight fast. But somehow, whenever we think of the word “diet”, we conjure up images of food that we hate. Why does it have to be that way? It’s entirely possible to eat healthy, eat fewer calories, and lose weight – all while eating food that you love. I cover it somewhat in this post about losing weight fast.

The fact is, there are healthy foods out there that are yummy. For instance, I’ve posted my exact meals quite a few times on this blog – and I love all my meals.

Another thing about eating fewer calories – you can eat some treats occasionally. For instance, I have a piece of dark chocolate every day. Yes, I’m a proud chocoholic and I’ve still lost weight! You can lose weight eating chocolate…

I picked up my healthy eating habits from the Anything Goes diet and I highly recommend you check it out. That guide helped me “re-learn” what skinny people know about eating, that you can eat foods you love, treats, etc as long as you maintain your calories and overall healthy eating. You can check out my review of it here.

Remember, your weight loss diet needs to be created with you in mind, not based on other people’s preferences. Consider your likes and dislikes, and eat food you love – you’ll be much more likely to stick to your diet! (Pretty soon you’ll forget it’s a diet :) )


6. Don’t Get Too Crazy!

The reason most rapid weight loss diets fail is because people get demotivated quickly – the cravings and feelings of deprivation pile up. We’re only human, so don’t try to kid yourself that you’re some kind of superman! Unfortunately this is what most people do when they intend to lose weight. I’ve done it myself! You go from eating pizza, chips and cake all day to – “I’ll eat only iceberg lettuce and steamed chicken breast” which are incidentally both foods I’m not fond of.

Don’t become an extreme dieter all at once… ease your way in and you’ll find that path much more comfortable.

There will be down days and times when you want to quit. The trick to staying on course is to make it seem normal. For instance, my current diet seems like a great one, I don’t feel the urge to “give up” and pig out, and I’ve managed to lose weight with this thanks to the combo of intermittent fasting and healthy eating.

Having told you not to get too crazy, you might want to consider…

7. Is an Extreme Rapid Weight Loss Diet For You?

I learnt this from Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book, one of my favorite fitness bloggers.

Rusty knows his stuff. He’s one of those people who are in shape and eat pretty much what they want all the time … until just before he goes on holiday. He likes to hang out at beaches a fair bit (on his about page you’ll see a picture of him in freaky tight swimwear) and he likes to look super-ripped and eat a decent amount. (Love his attitude of completely enjoying a vacation!)

So before he leaves, Rusty goes on a super-strict low-calorie diet which he describes in greater detail in his Visual Impact books. Basically, he goes down to around 800 calories and fills up with soup, salads and chicken breasts. I’ve tried this diet myself (minus the chicken breasts, which I hate, and minus the soup, which I never bothered to make – I had salads, oats, fruit and a little fish) and I can attest to it’s efficiency.

However, this diet is hard! Seriously, you must be extremely motivated and disciplined to stick to this and to make it work. I’ve lasted a few weeks on the diet and it was a relief to get back to my normal style of eating. I’d recommend it to someone wanting to get slim in a hurry, for instance before a big event like a wedding or a vacation, but other than that I wouldn’t do it normally. Again, having said that – I did like the results it produced so I may do this once or twice a year.


8. Remember to Exercise!

Diet will go a long way in losing weight and burning fat, but you can’t really succeed and get those great results without exercise. I highly recommend exercising – even if it’s just a 20 minute walk each day. Read my post on exercising for weight loss to learn more about weight loss workouts.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a dirty word either – I’m sure there’s some kind of movement you like? For instance, I go for a long walk with my friend once or twice a week, and try to drag the husband along on a walk once on the weekend, and of course every week or so I spend about two to three hours walking at a brisk pace through various malls and shopping centres; as they say, “shopping is my cardio”!

Once you get moving you can try some fun workouts – pretty soon you’ll get addicted to the endorphine rush that follows a good exercise session and makes you feel happy :)


9. Don’t Try This Alone

Last but not least – don’t go at it alone! You need a lot of support to do anything difficult in life, and losing weight is no different.

So please try to get someone else to do this with you, like your spouse or a friend. You could also join a gym and share tips with other members there, since regular gym goers tend to be very weight-conscious and interested in fitness.

When you’ve got someone else doing the same thing as you, it’s easier to stay grounded. You can support each other through the difficult times. Also you’ll feel accountable to someone else and peer pressure can be a really powerful thing! Being held accountable will make you think twice when you consider giving up on your diet or skipping your workout! In the end, a weight loss buddy or accountability partner can help you to lose weight faster.


Whatever your weight loss goals, I hope you get closer to them by following these tips :)

Remember to leave a question or comment – I love hearing from my readers!


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