Fast Acting Diets: Which Diets Will Help You To Lose Weight Quickly?

fast acting dietsI am a huge fan of fast acting diets. I believe that weight loss that happens too slowly can be demotivating – and I like to see results quick!

I know that a lot of people are in this boat, and if you want to lose weight quickly with a diet, I want you to know that it is possible. You can read about my story here, and I hope that will help you understand why I have so much faith in diets that work quickly.

There are a couple of kinds of fast acting diets that have effect very quickly.

The first is the one that I’m following right now. It’s called Eat Stop Eat and is based on the principle of intermittent fasting. I’ll do a review of Eat Stop Eat soon (it’s up, finally!), but I just want to say that it has really worked for me! After losing most of the weight I needed to lose, I got a bit lazy and stopped doing it, but I’ve just started again. In fact, I’m on a fast day today – yay for skipping 1/2-1 pound in one day! :)

Another diet that I followed when I first wanted to lose weight was a juice fast. You can read more about my experiences by following that link. Unfortunately I didn’t have access to protein drinks at that time and I believe that it’s important to have protein drinks when on a juice diet. I didn’t last very long as I mentioned in the post, but I was stoked to see that I’d lost 5+ pounds in only 4 days! This was the kick-start I needed to start getting fitter and losing weight. A lot of the weight was water weight, but the fast helped me believe that I could really lose weight! Once I saw that it was possible to lose a lot of weight quickly, I got off my ass, did some research about what diets worked and got onto Eat Stop Eat and the Anything Goes Diet.

The final fast acting diet that I’ll talk about is a very low calorie diet or VLCD as I’ll call it. A very low calorie diet is one that is about 800 calories per day, way below what most people require. This diet will burn fat very, very quickly and most people will lose 2-6 pounds each week when doing such a diet. I have been on a VLAD, but I didn’t last very long! They are incredibly effective though. Rusty Moore describes some VLADs in his Visual Impact books (both for men and women). I agree with him in that this diet may sound extreme, but it does produce results! If you need to lose weight fast, for a holiday or a special event, for instance, such a diet will help you get in incredible shape. The trick to doing a VLAD is to not follow it for more than two weeks or so at once. You need to have a week to eat regularly (1500 – 200 calories a day, depending on the caloric requirement at your ideal weight) otherwise you will just become the crankiest person around! Rusty has a great healthy diet plan in his book for people wanting to go on a VLAD.

While diet does help you to lost weight fast, you need to remember that you will need to exercise to get rid of that fat completely. A number of doctors have told me that when you diet, your fat cells shrink. This means that it’s easier to put on weight again (anyone know a yoyo dieter who keeps losing and gaining weight? This is why!). Anyway, exercise will burn off or zap those fat cells. Since you’ve already shrunk them by dieting, you will have an easier time zapping them with exercise.

Remember that these diet plans are not for the demoralized. Most people do not lose weight simply because they are not motivated and disciplined enough. Get some willpower! :) Sign up to my newsletter (coming soon) for daily fitness motivation and stick to your plans. 

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About Alisha: Alisha is a Melbourne-based blogger who is happy to have lost a lot of weight recently! She is now trying to be more fit and lead a more healthy lifestyle. In this blog she shares tips for losing weight quickly and easily. You can read more about her on the "My Story" page.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I really like your article. Very useful! I agree, these diet plans are not for the demoralized. You have to be very motivated for such a diet and the most important thing is to do exercises too. For those kind of people I would recommend Eat Stop Eat because it could really help. I was also unmotivated and that’s the way I loss weight and changed my life style.

  2. Liz Bernecker says:

    Will you please do a review of Eat Stop Eat ?
    I have read your articles and enjoy them very much, but I am specificly looking for this diet you went on and can’t find it in your review’s. Please tell me and other’s who appreciate you all about this “Eat Stop Eat” method….how does it work? How do we do it? TY

    • Alisha says:

      Hey Liz, sorry for disappearing for a while, life has a way of distracting you!

      I’ve just finished a draft post of my experiences with Eat Stop Eat, and I’ll be posting it soon, stay tuned :)

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