Weight Loss Milkshakes: Weight Loss Shakes For Women and Men

Weight loss milkshakes are often popular with people who want to lose weight. There are no seperate weight loss shakes for women or men – both can use the same type.

My Experience With Weight Loss Milkshakes

weight loss milkshakesWhen I first wanted to lose weight, the idea of weight loss milkshakes sounded appealing to me. After all, I do like my chocolate milkshakes, and if I could just lose weight by having them every day – that would be wonderful! Unfortunately it was not quite as easy as that.

To start off, I found that the weight loss shakes were quite expensive! Each one cost $5 – $10. Money was a consideration for me at the time, especially when I realized that an average healthy home-cooked meal would cost $2-$3.

Despite the expense, I decided to try some Biggest Loser shakes. My first thought was that they were delicious! However, my husband kept asking me if that shake was all I was going to eat and after a few times, I felt like I hadn’t really had a “meal”. After all, a milkshake is just dessert. While doing my research later, I found out that this was common in scientific studies where people would go on a weight loss shake diet – they reported feeling deprived and hungry, despite consuming all those calories.

In the end, I stopped after having a few shakes. One factor was that I never really felt full when I had them for lunch. Another was the cost. Yet another was the fact that the shakes had a lot of carbs and some sugar, and I was trying to reduce my carb intake and greatly reduce my sugar intake.

Although my experience makes me think weight loss milkshakes for women or men aren’t worth having every day, you might like to try them and see if they work for you. You might not feel hungry or like you’ve just skipped a meal after having one.

Protein Shakes as Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein shakes are popular among many fitness bloggers. For instance, Rusty Moore recommends starting your day with a protein shake on some of his low calorie diets.  Some fitness bloggers like to have a shake just to ensure that they’re getting enough protein when they’re on a strict diet.

I agree with the concept of drinking protein shakes, but unfortunately I have yet to find a brand that I like. I have heard good things about the EAS Myoplex brand, but it’s quite expensive, at $4 or so per serving.

You can mix up a chocolate flavored protein shake with 1/2 a cup of low fat or skim milk, half a cup of water, some baking cocoa and some stevia to make a “chocolate milkshake” that is also very healthy and will help you to lose weight.

Advantages of Weight Loss Shakes

The major advantage of weight loss shakes is their convenience. You can simply mix it up with some water or milk and your meal is ready. You don’t need to worry about counting calories or picking a healthy meal.

However, they do not teach good eating habits and most people fail to stay on weight loss shake diets simply because they don’t think it’s very filling.

Very Low Calorie Diets: Weight Loss Shakes For Going on an Extreme Diet

An extremely low calorie diet is one in which you consumer about 500 – 800 calories per day. Trust me, that is really extreme! I have gone down to about 1000 calories on some days and I was ravenous! Not to mention grumpy :D

But, back to the extreme low calorie diets. These are generally prescribed for people who are morbidly obese and need to lose a lot of weight very quickly. In his Visual Impact book, Rusty Moore says that it is possible to go on such a diet if you need some major weight loss rapidly, and he suggests some healthy meals you could have on this diet. (If I every start putting back my weight, I’m going on Rusty’s diet! :) )

Very Low Calorie Shakes are for people who go on a doctor-prescribed low calorie shake diet. The shakes replace all meals for several weeks. Very Low Calories Shakes should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Scientific Studies on Weight Loss Milkshakes

J Anderson, L Young and J Roach have done research for the Colorado State University Extension on these meal replacement shakes. They say that dieters who have these shakes report feelings of extreme hunger and deprivation – even though they are consuming a good number of calories. This is in line with what I felt when I was having those weight loss shakes myself. I’m much happier since I read the Anything Goes Diet and learnt to formulate a fun eating plan for myself that was yummy and still made me lose weight :)

However, D Q Rothacker and S Watember have published a a study about weight loss shakes in the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition” in May 2004. They find that contrary to claims of extreme hunger, the hunger intensity of subjects was quite low in three hours after having their shakes. I suppose this means that different people react differently to weight loss shakes – so if you’re really interested in weight loss shakes, you could try them for a bit to see how you feel. Or maybe it depends on the brand of the milkshake? I’m not sure, I couldn’t find out, although any good research study should mix up the brands.

Do Weight Loss Milkshakes Really Work? Should You Try Them?

Well… I am generally against having unnatural and overly processed foods. I am a big believer in natural foods, eating healthy and losing weight naturally.

However, I know that when you are desperate to lose weight you want to try anything that might work. (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!)

At the end of the day, weight loss milkshakes don’t really seem to have any incredibly harmful effects (if I’m wrong please do correct me!) And although I think they’re incredibly expensive and would rather spend that money on more fruits and veggies, you are free to spend money trying to lose weight. Although – I really think that money could be put to better use!

Have weight loss shakes worked for you? Please let me know :)



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  1. Tony Rovere says:

    These shakes are terrific as a recovery meal after a workout, as they not only provide you with protein to help with muscle recovery but provide other vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

    But the mistake people make when it comes to weight loss shakes is to make the assumption that they are a replacement for food…and this is completely incorrect.

    You need real food in your diet. There is no such thing as a healthy liquid. Inevitable this will lead to the yo-yo effect where you are losing weight and then putting it right back on.

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