Fastest Ways To Lose Weight: Some Rapid Weight Loss Diets and Easy Workouts

fastest way to lose weightAre you looking for the fastest way to lose weight? If so, rest assured that it is indeed possible to lose weight quickly.

I recommend a sustainable approach to rapid fat loss. The kind that isn’t too difficult to do and will work. If you’re looking to lose weight in a hurry, without doing anything crazy or unhealthy, then I recommend a combination of a rapid weight loss diet and an effective workout. At the very least, you should implement the healthy but fast-acting diet.


Rapid Weight Loss Diets: “Great Abs Are Made In The Kitchen!”

There’s a saying “great abs are made in the kitchen”. Once I lost the inches successfully, I realized how true this was. There was a time when I though, I’d rather exercise than give up my favorite foods, but overeating and exercise do not lead to weight loss! And the right diet doesn’t mean giving up your favorite foods either.

If you can do only one thing, between diet and exercise, pick diet – a good diet is the main way to lose the pounds fast.

There’s nothing really glamorous about it: you need to consume fewer calories than you expend. I recommend learning about healthy eating and how to create customized diet for yourself, one that contains all the foods you love. The Anything Goes Diet gets my full recommendation for this – it’s a great, one-stop solution for learning how to create your ideal, healthy diet.

Ilose weight quickly with dietf you do nothing else to lose the kilos, learn to count calories. I recommend clicking that link and reading my explanation of how to calculate how many calories you need to consume each day.


A Low Calorie Diet For Quick Results: Slightly Extreme, But Gets Results ASAP

In order to lose weight quickly, you need to drastically cut down on the amount of calories you consume. This can be done by going on an extreme low calorie diet.

Rusty, from the Fitness Black Book blog goes on a pre-beach-holiday diet that goes as low as 800-1000 calories. I’ve done this myself and gotten some great results. In the Visual Impact books Rusty describes this diet in more detail and I am living proof that it works (so is Rusty, of course!)

Going on an 800-1000 calorie diet while doing some moderate exercise is not that easy. The first two days will be quite difficult, but after that you get used to it. In addition, you have one cheat day per week where you can gorge yourself on whatever you want.

Simply dropping down to such a low calorie diet will help you shed the fat quickly. Just doing this diet will help you get to your desired weight quickly, but it’s difficult to sustain this kind of extreme diet. I’ve done six weeks continuous (although the last two or three weeks I bumped up the calories to around 1200).

Cutting down on the calories means a couple of things.

First of all, you should pick a couple of foods that are low-calorie and that you like eating – and then repeat them throughout the week. Yes, it might get a bit monotonous. I don’t really mind it, especially when I’ve got one massive cheat day per week, but a lot of people get bored by this kind of thing.

Even if you get bored, I highly recommend sticking to it. After all, your goal is rapid fat loss, not a fun and variety-filled diet.

Foods that are good for this diet include rolled whole oats (my regular yummy breakfast), egg whites, veggies, steamed or grilled skinless chicken breast, steamed or grilled fish, beans, protein shakes/powders, yoghurt and a couple of other low-calorie foods. I recommend drawing up a list of foods that you like, and then finding out there caloric content, and then creating your own diet. Once again, I have to refer to the Anything Goes Diet as a good guide for learning how to do this.

On a low calorie diet, ensure you’re getting enough nutrients. Definitely have krill/fish oil tablets and a multivitamin each day. Also make sure you’re getting enough protein – one small piece of fish or skinless chicken should be enough. In general, we humans need a lot less protein than most people think. But if you’re having trouble getting in the protein while staying low calorie, have some protein powder.

While on this diet, I tend to mix in chocolate flavored protein powder with my rolled oats – I’m not such a big fan of meat or chicken, and if my calories are restricted I’d much rather fill myself up with fruits and veggies.

Here’s a youtube video I found about extreme low calorie diets – I didn’t make it (yes, I will start making videos soon!) but it’s a slideshow which covers the basics of what I’ve just discussed.


An Alternative To Low Calorie Diets That Still Gets Quick Results

easy diet for quick weight lossThere’s only so long you can stay on an extreme low calorie diet. You could try an 800-calorie diet for a week or two (with cheat days, of course!) and then switch to a 1200-1300 calorie diet while doing intermittent fasting.

This approach is easier, and will burn away the fat quickly. Despite your weekly cheat day, if you do two fasts per week, you’ll have a massive caloric deficit just from doing the fasts. In addition, the fasts increase HGH levels in your body, which means you’ll burn more fat at that other times too.

This is kind of a more sustainable approach. You’re still eating a lot less than you normally would, but it’s not as extreme as the 800-calorie diet.

Till date, I still do the Eat Stop Eat intermittent fasting diet, and I credit it with most of my fat loss. I tend to eat around 1300 – 1500 calories per day and have a “cheat weekend” or cheat day (Depends on my mood!) and I think I’m doing ok.

I highly recommend the Eat Stop Eat diet as a quick way to lose weight.


Exercises That Work

Ok, let’s say that you’re open to the idea of exercising – excellent!

I know that some readers may have problems exercising due to health conditions.

If you cannot do any exercise at all due to health issues, then please just stick to eating healthy.

If you cannot do strenuous exercise because of health issues, or because you’re extremely obese, then please do some moderate activity. This can be anything that gets you moving – vacuuming, ironing, walking, swimming, taking the stairs multiple times – anything at all. Of course, out of all these options, walking is the best. Walking provides many health benefits so if you will only do 10 – 20 minutes each day, then please go for a walk. Once you’ve started to do moderate exercise and gotten a bit fitter, you can move on to the workouts that provide quicker results. I don’t recommend that you do the weight loss workouts if you’re extremely unfit – you need to build up to the fitness level, and jumping into an overly-stressful workout when you’re extremely unfit is more likely to lead to injuries  – which in turn will be a setback to your weight loss goals.

If you’re relatively fit (ie you can walk for 20 minutes at a brisk pace without feeling absolutely exhausted) then please do these workouts.

Strength Training For Faster Fitness

First off, I recommend doing some strength training. Turbulence Training was what really got me started right with strength training, and I highly recommend this workout. Craig (the course creator) is all about efficient workouts, and I love his attitude since I’m not the kind to spend all day in gym. Some quick strength training exercises will help your muscles get stronger and will increase the amount of calories you burn at a rested state (ie will increase your metabolism).

HIIT For Efficient Fat Burning

Rusty’s Visual Impact course taught me why it’s so important to follow up strength training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Basically, this sequence will help you zap those fat cells more efficiently.

HIIT is a kind of workout which alternates intense exercise with not-so-intense exercise, eg sprints with jogs (just as an example, so you get what I mean). I follow Rusty’s method of building up your HIIT so that you can burn more fat. Most days I do my HIIT on the elliptical, although some days I just do jogs alternating with knee-highs or sprints.

I’ve found that HIIT is much more efficient at burning calories than traditional cardio.

losing weight with cardio

Pick a workout you like, and you're more likely to stick to it!

Cardio For Greater Weight Loss

However, cardio is still the exercise of choice for most Hollywood trainers when they need to get stars into shape quickly. There’s a limit to how much dieting, strength training, and HIIT you can do – but you can do more cardio to burn more calories and hence get rid of the fat quicker. If you’ve read my article on Christian Bale’s weight loss, then you’ll know that he essentially ran for 8 hours a day! Now that is a completely impractical workout plan for most people, but if you’re in a rush to lose weight, then try to sneak in more cardio.

How much cardio should you do each day to lose weight faster? This is completely up to you, but of course it depends on your body, your stamina, and your fitness level.

Most people recommend spinning or running as a way to burn more calories per hour. However, as I discuss in my posts about running, running is not necessarily the best cardio workout for burning more calories.

First of all, running is a sport. If you plan to run a lot, then you must learn good running form. Not doing so is likely to lead to injuries.

Also, you need to spend a lot of time stretching if you choose to run. Finally, most runners eat about half the calories they burn in post-running nutrition.

So unless you’re a good runner or you love running, I recommend you avoid it.

Spinning can be a good option if you’re a member at a gym.

However, my most important recommendation when it comes to cardio for weight loss is that the best cardio is the one you love. When you have fun doing the cardio, you’re more likely to work out harder, and you’re more likely to show up and do it. For instance, I love dance and dance workouts such as Zumba. A couple of guys I know like boxing and boxing workouts. It’s all about finding the activity you like!


Supplements For Rapid Weight Loss

Losing weight quickly is a factor of three things: exercise, diet and supplements. Yes, I said supplements, although I’m a fan of natural weight loss and healthy living.

Unfortunately, most supplements don’t work and/or have nasty side effects; hopefully soon I’ll do a post on the findings of all my research into this topic. One of my favorite bloggers sent me an email a few days ago about some natural supplements he uses when he wants to shed some fat quickly, and I’ll research those and report back with my findings.

Please do not take any of the common “fat burning” supplements that are out there. They simply don’t work and have very harmful side effects.


Healthy, Rapid Fat Loss

Also, by now you know that I recommend a healthy and sustainable approach to losing weight, even when you’re in a hurry.

Theoretically you could lose a lot of weight very quickly by semi-starving yourself, eating just about nothing and working out till your always in an exhausted state. But it would be very reckless of me to recommend something like that. It’s unhealthy, could lead to a lot of long and short-term injuries and illnesses and it is unlikely to help you lose real weight – the most likely outcome is that your body will rebel and you’ll go and put all the weight back on.

So even when you’re in a hurry, it’s important to stay healthy and to not over-exert your body. Going on an extreme diet for too long, or jumping into a crazy workout regimen after being inactive for ages is a sure path to injury and illness – both of which will only be a setback to your weight loss plans.
Do you have any suggestions for how to lose weight quickly? Please post in the comments section to let me know :)


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