Enemas For Weight Loss: Do Enemas Like Coffee or Saline Enemas Help?

If you’re desperate to lose weight, like I was, then you are probably looking at all the possible options out there that might help. Enemas for weight loss are often touted as being something that works. Whether they are coffee or saline enemas, there are people out there who claim that they work.

What is an Enema?

enema for weight loss An enema is a form of hydrotherapy that can be administered by the user. It has been around for centuries, and is used to cleanse the colon. A colonic is similar to an enema, however it must be done by a professional and lasts longer (and leads to a better cleanse).

Enemas are generally conducted with water, but these days people also use other liquids like coffee, saline water, herbal tea, etc.

How Can an Enema Help With Weight Loss?

A number of people claim that waste materials in the colon can lead to an increased number of toxins in your body. Over time, the toxins will inhibit some natural bodily processes, which will lead to increased weight gain.

Depending on who you talk to – an enema can induce weight loss and help you to stay slim.

So, Do Enemas Really Help With Weight Loss?

Have you noticed all the colon cleansing ads recently? Yeah, me too. When something is promoted that heavily, my skepticism meter goes up way high.

There is currently insufficient scientific evidence that links enemas with weight loss. Most scientific studies focus on the use of colonics before surgeries or medical procedures. So it’s necessary to take the information about enemas with a grain of salt.

There are a few people who claim they’ve lost weight after an enema or colonic. But I’m not sure whether they managed to keep the weight off or not.

I haven’t tried an enema myself, but if you have, please do leave a comment letting us know whether it helped you to lose weight.



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About Alisha: Alisha is a Melbourne-based blogger who is happy to have lost a lot of weight recently! She is now trying to be more fit and lead a more healthy lifestyle. In this blog she shares tips for losing weight quickly and easily. You can read more about her on the "My Story" page.

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  1. Marvelene Bergen says:

    Enemas may not help you lose the amount of weight you want, but they sure feel darn good!

    • Alisha says:

      Hey Marvelene, thanks for taking the time to comment :)
      I’m sure readers and I would love to hear about what worked for you when it comes to weight loss…

  2. Diane says:

    While I am not anorexic, I am now 38 and my high-school clothes still fit. I use enemas daily, and I know they help me control my weight.

    With a little practice one can learn to get the water up past their colon into the small intestine, and flush out all that content too. Many of the calories get flushed out before they get absorbed.

    Lots of women have discovered that enemas feel really good, and can induce cummies as well! We call this the “additional benefits.” There are dozens of web-sites that will teach about enemas. Enjoy, and slim down.


  3. Monica says:

    My father who was overweight started an exercise regimen/program thru some dietitian consisting of a daily home made shake with eggplant, radishes, cucumber and purple cabbage (apx 2 oz per vegetables) every morning. It has been four months and has lost an approximation of 50 pounds so far; however, he exercises daily for over an hour facilitating his weigh loss. From the beginning, he was to perform a detoxification. The detox was a coffee enema done over a three day period. 1st day he was to hold for about 10 minutes, 2nd day for about 15 minutes, and 3rd day for 15 to 20 minutes if possible. HE LOST 12 LBS IN THREE DAYS!! This was possible because he had to eat soup for three days (ONLY CHICKEN HOMEMADE SOUP!!) so I believe this helped with the weight loss. The soup should contain chicken with NO skin, vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, chayote, and regular green cabbage if you wish. NO RED MEAT!!! You can have the soup any time you are hungry so there are no limits. Three fruits can be eaten during these three days that being, pineapple, cantaloupe, and cucumber too (which is cool you can have fruit for breakfast).
    Thereafter, his diet consisted of white meat only eliminating red meat completely. All vegetables and meats (fish, chicken) are to be grilled if possible such as eggplant, zuchinni and so forth with a little oil if you need too. Only egg whites used too. He eliminated breads from his diet including rice; however, he sneaks two 100 calorie wheat bread slices daily for breakfast and now exercises twice a day. Hope this information helps! I am in my second day; however, am doing this as a detoxification process and not to loose weight but felt the need to share my father’s outcome after the enema.

    • Alisha says:

      Thanks for your description of your father’s diet and exercise routine. It sounds like he’s done a great job losing weight! Thank you for sharing this :)

  4. Deb says:

    Juicing veggies and fruits as your diet for about 4 days will lead to crazy fast weight loss results I am a junk food junkie and decided to try this diet, it was hard at first because without the salt and sugar I felt that I was starving but litterally a week later and I went from 130lbs to 115!!!! and had more energy than ever before. I also did coffee enemas for 3 times a day for 3 days. It works !!!\

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