Swimming Fat Loss: Is Swimming A Good Way To Lose Weight?

Swimming Fat LossDo people lose fat or gain weight when they go swimming?

There have been many contradictory studies about the effects of swimming on fat loss. The conclusion I’ve come to is: yes, swimming does lead to fat loss.

I’ve come to this conclusion based on:

1. Recent studies, and

2. The effect swimming has had on my friends (and husband) who are regular swimmers.

First off, let me mention that people I know personally have lost a lot of weight by going swimming. In order to get the benefits of swimming fat loss, you should swim vigorously and for a while, just like you would with any other kind of cardio. Don’t think that a few leisurely laps around the pool are all it takes.

Swimming is very popular with many people because it’s so easy on the joints. It’s recommend to pregnant women, people with bad knees, etc.


The Effects of Swimming

From what I’ve seen and heard from my friends who are avid swimmers, swimming really helps you tone up. You lose a lot of fat and build ab, chest and back muscles – so you have better posture and look younger as well. Apparantly swimming sprints are a good form of HIIT, just as running sprints are. So if you’re serious about losing fat and like to swim, then go swimming by all means.


Contradictory Studies About the Effects of Swimming – Fat Loss vs Weight Gain

There have been a couple of studies that claim that swimming makes people gain weight. In addition, scientists tracked the weight of athletes who were swimmers vs athletes who were runners or cyclists, and found that the body fat percentage of swimmers was higher.

Other contradictory studies have found that obese women who went swimming lost more fat than their counterparts who went running or cycling, and had the same lifestyle otherwise.

Swimming does burn 500 calories an hour so I find it logical that people would lose a lot of weight swimming.

People are putting forward different hypotheses to explain the discrepancies between the two studies. If you want to read more about the studies, here is a reference:

Swimming for Weight Loss: Does it Work?


To Swim or Not to Swim

If you like swimming and you want to lose fat, and tone up your abs I’d have to say – go for it! 

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