Calories In Coors Light

calories in coors lightThere are 102 calories in 1 can of Coors Light beer.

If you’re trying to lose weight but love your beer, then you might be in trouble! Light beer does have the advantage of having fewer calories than regular beer, but the truth is… it’s still a decent number of calories!

Anyone who’s trying to lose weight will tell you that it’s all about eating fewer calories and burning more off.

However, it’s important to indulge a bit every day, and if you’re a big fan of beer, you’re indulgence might be beer. At just over 100 calories, I suppose it’s ok to have a Coors Light beer once in a while!

Personally, I’m very picky about what I eat as my “indulgence” and prefer to satisfy my sweet tooth. But, a good diet is all about personalization and having what you love!

Unfortunately the calories in beer are “empty” in that beer, including Coors Light, doesn’t really have much nutritional value. Beer has 88% carbohydrates and 12% protein. It’s also got a little bit of sodium.

If you’re serious about losing weight, then I’d recommend avoiding beer, or limiting yourself to one (or max two!) each day.


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