Eat Stop Eat Review

I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog that Eat Stop Eat was the diet that really helped me to lose weight and keep it off. I think it’s only fair that I devote a whole post to explaining what this is and how it works for me.

eat stop eat review

So What Exactly Is The Eat Stop Eat Diet?

The Eat Stop Eat diet is a diet program based on intermittent fasting.

That is, it’s not so much a “diet” as a way of life (at least until you’re at your ideal weight). The plan is to eat normally on most days, with 1 – 2 days where you eat no calories at all for 24 hours at a stretch.

The goal is to have a total weekly caloric deficit.

Doing the fast allows you to have less calories during the week – but on other days you can eat normally and don’t have to stress about being a really strict dieter.

This is great because you can indulge with friends and family when you want to, without worrying about the consequences.

One of my readers emailed me to say, “I love this diet because I can eat Pizza and ice-cream on Friday and hit the beach on Saturday, knowing I look great.” That’s the kind of flexibility this program gives you, and that’s one of it’s big advantages. Infact, I think this is the reason I’ve managed to stick to this for such a long period of time – it allows me to have a life while remaining fit.


About The Guy Behind Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is a program designed by Brad Pilon.

Brad has a Masters degree in Nutrition, and his thesis research was on “The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss”.

Brad has been featured around the world on various national television channels. He can claim responsibility for helping thousands of men and women worldwide lose weight and get a fit, toned body.


Who Is Eat Stop Eat For?

If you’re curious about this program, you might be wondering if it’s suitable for you.

Eat Stop Eat is suitable for most people. However, if you have a medical condition, you should check with your doctor before proceeding.

Eat Stop Eat can be used successfully by both men and women. If you want to maintain muscle while losing weight, this diet will help you do that – it cuts fat, and not muscle.

The program is suitable for both weight loss beginners and experienced people.

If you’re significantly overweight, the diet can help you lose weight quickly and see serious results. Going from a very inactive lifestyle to a very active one is difficult, and diet can be a good way to kick-start your progress.

If you’re near your target goal, this diet can help you get there. After all, when you’re almost there, it’s hard to cut too many calories a day, and doing this sort of “weekly total calorie” diet will help you stay focused.

This is perfect for people who like flexible lifestyles. There are no real restrictions, other than not overeating and counteracting the effects of your fast days.


More About Intermittent Fasting

This diet is based on intermittent fasting – that is, you don’t eat anything for one or two days in the week. The fasts last from dinner-time to dinner time, so you just skip breakfast and lunch one day.

During your fasts, you can drink water and have other 0-calorie drinks such as black, sugarless tea, coffee, green tea, sugarless gum and diet cola.

Intermittent fasting is a great way to cut fat. It does not reduce your muscle in any way, so if you’re a guy looking to gain muscle and lose body fat, you can use this diet.

Intermittent fasting is a healthy thing to do once in a while – before I cam across this diet, I’d done some research and read some journal papers, all of which point out that this is a healthy thing to do.

In case you’re wondering whether you get really hungry on the fast days – the answer is no. When you first start out, you will feel some hunger pangs around lunch time and maybe around the time you have snacks – but I’ve found that these hunger pangs are mainly psychological and go away when you’re used to fasting. It’s a good idea to stay busy with work on the first few times you fast – staying busy is a great distraction.

Also, I’ve found that not eating frees up a lot of time in my day so I get more work done. Not eating also gives me a boost of energy (probably due to the increased hgh levels). So I get a lot of work done on my fast days!


Does Eat Stop Eat Work?

This is the most important question, and luckily, the answer is yes.

At least, I’ve been very successful with this diet, I’ve been able to drop a number of dress sizes, and then finally I use this diet to maintain my weight. (Photos coming soon)

There are hundreds of people online who are posting about their success with this, and I’ve had a few readers mail me to tell me about their weight loss – so clearly it works for other people too, and not just me!


Negatives of Eat Stop Eat

There are a couple of things I didn’t like about Eat Stop Eat. For one, it doesn’t say anything about exercise, it’s completely focused on diet.

Another thing is, Brad doesn’t explain why you should only do 1-2 fasts a week and not more. I suppose most people don’t care about this, but I’ve always wondered what would happen if I went nuts and did four fasts a week or something – I suppose it would be quite unhealthy and doing 1 -2 helps maintain a balanced lifestyle and metabolism, but it would be interesting to see him discuss this kind of stuff.

Finally, Eat Stop Eat is a bit vague or “unstructured”. I actually like this a lot, since I love flexibility and I could incorporate a healthy diet by myself.

But a lot of people aren’t exposed to a healthy lifestyle growing up (read my story to learn how I got fat) and they don’t know what to do. Also, some people get so confused about correct portion sizes and consistently overeat. Other folks overeat after their fast – this is no good!

If you like being flexible and in control of your own diet, like me, then this is a good program. But if you prefer some more structure and more guidelines, you might prefer the “Anything Goes Diet”. This talks more about the kind of diet you should have, and the foods you should eat on your regular eating days. You can read my review of it here.


What Eat Stop Eat Covers

Eat Stop Eat will help you get started on an intermittent fasting diet correctly.

If you’re worried about the kind of health benefits/negatives of intermittent fasting, Brad has that covered. Because of my earlier research into fasting for weight loss, I was confident that fasting was healthy.

But Brad takes it a step further and really outlines how fasting affects our bodies, why it can be healthy by increasing HGH and weight loss speed and he references scientific study after study.

Brad doesn’t consider this a “diet” but a lifestyle change, and I have to agree. It’s not like one of those crazy diets that have you eating bland, low calorie, low fat, rabbit food all day long!

Anyone who’s gone to a party and not been able to eat what they wanted to because they were on a “diet” knows exactly what I’m talking about.

This program is perfect for people like me who want to “live a little”. Hey being healthy is important, but life’s too short not to have fun!

Eat Stop Eat also covers some intermittent fasting no-no’s that you should absolutely avoid, and the right way to do the fasts.


Doing Eat Stop Eat vs Exercising

Doing Eat Stop Eat gives you the same benefits of intense exercise – without you breaking a sweat.

You get the same spike in HGH levels that leads to the rapid burning of fat cells.

Watch the video to learn more:


If You’re Thinking Of Doing Eat Stop Eat…

I’ve seen great results with Eat Stop Eat, but I want to clarify that this is not an extreme diet. You won’t be dropping 50 pounds in 10 days or anything. Towards the end of my diet, when I had less fat to lose, I was losing around 2-3 pounds per week.

Earlier in the diet, when I had more fat to lose, I was burning at a much faster rate – obviously if you have more fat to lose, you’ll lose it faster because of the massive caloric deficit you’ve just created.

Any diet or lifestyle change takes some getting used to. In the beginning you will find the fasts a bit strange to do, but you soon get used to it.

And of course, once you’ve reached your ideal weight, you can just stop doing the fasts entirely. However, I still do the fasts because as I’ve mentioned, I do like to “live a little” and I like how Eat Stop Eat means I don’t have to monitor my diet strictly.



In short, Eat Stop Eat works. But it’s a lifestyle change, like any other weight loss program that will show you results. It comes with a 60-day guarantee so you can try it, but I don’t want you to go buy it if you’re not committed to losing weight. You need to commit to losing weight first!

Eat Stop Eat is effective because it’s so simple. It’s the simplicity of this program that makes it work over the long run, you can incorporate it into your life easily.

I hope my article helps you understand what it’s all about, and let me know if you’ve got any more questions, I’ll try my best to answer them.

You can get read more about Eat Stop Eat or get it here.

Eat Stop Eat Review: Does The Eat Stop Eat Diet Work?