Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Review


I’ve mentioned Cheat Your Way Thin Reviewearlier that the Cheat Your Way Thin diet is a good option for people who want a diet that works, is easy to follow and allows you to eat all you love of your favorite foods.

Of all the structured diet programs I’ve seen, Cheat Your Way Thin is the best option, for a number of reasons. But first,


What Is The Cheat Your Way Thin Diet?

The Cheat Your Way Thin diet is a diet plan that allows you to have one cheat day each week, where you eat anything you want. The diet focuses on rotating carbs and high GI vs low GI foods, so that you burn more fat than you would otherwise. Because you cycle nutrients, your body burns more fat in the long run. This has a lot to do with increasing your body’s natural metabolic rate, so that you burn off fat rapidly.


Who Is Joel Marion?

Joel Marion is the creator of Cheat Your Way Thin. He’s been featured on various national TV channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as in magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Woman’s Day, Oxygen, MuscleMag International, Clean Eating, and Muscle & Fitness.

Joel initially discovered Cheat Your Way Thin by accident. Like many people, he was on a very restrictive diet, and one day he just couldn’t take it and went on a binge. However, he found that he actually lost weight by doing this. He researched this method for 6 years, and finalized an alternative approach to dieting that works.

Joel has been a personal trainer and a nutritionist for over 10 years – his method has a lot of research and testing behind it.


What I Liked About The Cheat Your Way Thin Diet

Cheat Your Way Thin Diet ReviewThere are a number of things I like about Cheat Your Way Thin.

First of all, although it’s a structured diet, it’s not a crazy, restrictive diet like the “avoid this food group” diets out there. It’s much easier to follow this diet and lead a normal life. (I’m looking at you, protein diets, “cabbage soup” diet, and all those other fad diets I’ve tried which prevented me from having a social life! GRR)

With this diet, it’s great that there’s a cheat day! Personally I love cheat days and they’ll always be an important part of my life. I’m a great believer that having a cheat day increases my metabolism and helps me lose weight. Having a cheat day is also a great way of killing cravings and feeling like you’re really indulging yourself. It’s a great way to let loose!

The fact that the cheat day doesn’t hurt your diet is great. Having a cheat day signals to your body that it’s not in “starvation” or “hunger” mode, even when you have far fewer calories during the week – instead, eating fatty foods one day signals to your body that it should burn fat. Intuitively, this diet works because of the way the nutrients are rotated.

Of course, Cheat Your Way Thin is not just about having a single cheat day – Joel lays out a complete, healthy diet which rotates what you eat, so that your body burns more weight. Even though this is easier than “traditional” diets, it’s actually more effective when it comes to burning fat.

What I Didn’t Like About Cheat Your Way Thin

The first problem I had with Cheat Your Way Thin was that it took a leap of faith for me to believe that cheating would actually help me lose weight. A few weeks in, I was convinced, and as I’ve mentioned, I still do cheat days, and I believe they’ve helped me to burn off the fat and keep it off.

One thing I don’t like about Cheat Your Way Thin is that it’s still a “diet” and these days I don’t diet. However, I guess I have the luxury of saying that because (knock wood!) I’m very near my target weight and I’m not stressing about the excess pounds. If you’re looking to lose weight fast, then, to be brutally honest, dieting is the only approach that works. Yes, you need to exercise, but unless you’re counting calories and eating the right foods then simply will not lose weight.

When it comes to diets, I do think Cheat Your Way Thin is the best of the lot, in that it actually works, and it’s quite fun (never thought I’d say that about a diet!) to implement.

Does Cheat Your Way Thin Work?

Yes, it does – many people have had great success with it. However, it’s not for everyone.

  • If you need to lose fat fast, you’ll like this diet
  • If you have a hard time sticking to restrictive diets, you’ll like this diet
  • If you’re hitting a weight loss plateau with your traditional low-calorie or restrictive diet, then Cheat Your Way Thin can help blast through the plateaus

At the end of the day, Cheat Your Way Thin is nothing like a typical diet. If you want some structure to your diet, but not something too restrictive, and something that lets you have fun, socialize and live a little, then you’ll get good results from Cheat Your Way Thin.

You can get Cheat Your Way Thin here.